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What we Install.

We design and install only premium cabling systems from major manufacturers to ensure that the appropriate installation and performance standards are met.  We cater for Cat 6/6a copper cabling to fibre optic

How does Cat 6 compare to Cat 5/5e?

We are frequently asked to consider Cat 5/5e cabling as it is percieved to be more cost effective than Cat 6, however Cat 5/5e cable  has a bandwidth of 100 MHz whereas Cat 6 operates with a bandwidth of 200 or 250 MHz. This means that Cat 6 has more than twice the bandwidth of Cat 5e cabling. Even more importantly, it has 16 (sixteen) times the better Signal-to-Noise margins due to better shielding properties.

What does this mean for my network performance?

A lot of people think that double the bandwidth with Cat 6 means data rates will double as well i.e. data rates will increase from 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps. This is not the case and we can explain the importance of bandwidth with a simple road traffic analogy.

Think of bandwidth like a motorway: the higher the bandwidth the wider the number of lanes on the motorway. On a two lane motorway 2 cars could drive down at 70 mph whereas on a four lane motorway, 4 cars could drive at 70 mph. So the more bandwidth, the better the overall throughput. Higher bandwidth doesn't mean the the traffic can go faster; it means that more traffic can pass along the road or cable.